Welcome to our new retitled and republished book:

The Classic Marquetry Course

It replaces The Marquetry Course which went out of print in 2015. This second edition still includes 12 marquetry tutorials and 4 furniture-making tutorials which featured in the first edition. 

The book was republished by John Apps and me on the 6th September 2020. We are excited to relaunch this book following the huge popularity of the original which reached the No 1 bestsellers list for its category on Amazon during its existence. We have proudly added a large range of contributory marquetry, parquetry and furniture making from three practising practitioners from different corners of the globe. We have also including two iconic replica marquetry productions of Thomas Chippendales most famous works, The Diana & Minerva Commode and the Pier Table made initially the Circular Dressing Room at Harewood House.  

All Author Royalties from sales of this book and Chippendale’s Classic Marquetry Revealed will be donated to our chosen charity MND/ALS (Motor Neurone Disease/Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The disease that took my dear wife’s (Gloria) life in 2013. 

We hope you will want to add this exciting reproduction to your marquetry and furniture-making reading list. 

The book should reach internet Booksellers sites in a few weeks.

Book Contents – Full-color photographs and detailed instructions guide you through everything you need to know, from tools and materials to cutting veneer to techniques such as the window method, fretsawing, sandshading, harewood, penwork and making fine lines. Tutorial projects enable you to practice your skills on a number of designs, such as a convex corner fan, rose, shell, chessboard, and chevron. Four furniture making projects include a tray, pier table, jewellery box, and fire screen. A new and exciting Gallery of Furniture and marquetry offer more visible and inspiring tuition.  All capsulated in 200 pages and over 300 colour photographs and written by two woodworking teachers, each with over 30 years experience. 

Updated by Jack Metcalfe – 10th September 2020