Welcome to our new retitled and republished book:

The Classic Marquetry Course

It replaces The Marquetry Course which went out of print in 2015. This second edition still includes 12 marquetry tutorials and 4 furniture-making tutorials which featured in the first edition. 

Book Contents  A comprehensive book on teaching the art and craft of marquetry and furniture making, written by two author/teachers each with over 30 years experience of creating stunning marquetry furniture. Twelve step-by-step marquetry tutorials and four furniture-making projects guide students at all skill levels through the construction, with full colour illustrations at every stage of build. A comprehensive gallery of furniture displaying marquetry and furniture built by artisans from different corners of the globe make this a truly international publication. The gallery includes replica copies of two of Thomas Chippendale’s iconic marquetry furniture pieces: the prestigious Diana & Minerva Commode, and the Pier Table initially made for the Circular Dressing Room at Harewood House – both are recreated in full coloured veneers, just as the originals appeared when first made over 250 years ago.

We hope you will want to add this exciting reproduction to your marquetry and furniture-making reading list. 

The book is available from all internet booksellers worldwide.

Updated  – 7th November 2020