Attention ! Change of Book Distributor

I have had to move my book “Chippendale’s classic Marquetry Revealed” from my initial Book Distributer Createspace to Ingram Books. While this was not my initial choice, the enforced move has provided an  opportunity to work with the worlds largest Book Distributor – Ingram. In addition to selling the books on Amazon, Ingram distribute to over 90,000 booksellers worldwide, both online and offline.

I have also taken the opportunity to republish my book in both hardback and paperback, and with a new cover picture to mark the event. 

I expect the transfer to Ingram to be affective tomorrow 8th October 2018, which happens to be my dear, late wife Gloria’s birthday. She would be immensely proud. The new publication should be available on major online booksellers list in a few days.  Other bookseller lists should follow in due course.

I am also launching a new website, titled Chippendalemarquetry.co.uk in addition to this one, to use as a marketing and distribution medium. Further updates will follow in the next few days, and weeks.

Keep an eye out for updates on this page.