Alex’s ‘Gold’ award

Alex decided to move from Bronze to Gold due to his commitment to A levels next year, and potential entry to university. The DoE award scheme allows students to skip one stage, I assume because of these constraints.

2016/7 Alex has decided to make a picture, showing sillouettes of members of his family, mum, dad, himself and two sisters. This is an ideal fret sawing project so it will be interesting how he progresses. Like last year, photos will be added as the project develops, so keep posted.


Alex sawing out the facial elements

First silhouette fret sawn



Fretsawn parts held in tray awaiting assembly




Alex’s sister showing good likeness. Alex has so far not broken a blade on my treadle saw. The pressure on then Alex !!!! Photo taken early February 2017





Family silhouettes placed in rosewood background. A border needed next, perhaps something different from the norm will be good. Get your thinking cap on Alex for the next session. Well done so far.




Family Silhouettes
8th September 2017 – Alex cutting each image into a new ‘Mahogany’ background. The rosewood used previously did not satisfy the artistic effects, Alex was seeking. Next the bordering stage, then polishing and his ‘Gold’ entry will be complete. 


Wow – Alex’s Gold award complete – all his family captured in silhouettes – Brilliant work and my heartiest congratulations.