Chippendale’s ‘Classic’ Marquetry Revealed


My reproduction door panel of the famous Harewood Library Writing table showing original colours and original background veneers of Indian Rosewood, tulipwood and satinwood.

My next book covers all the known marquetry furniture which were designed  by the great man. To date the research spans over 20 years, during which time I have been able to identify the tools and materials, which marqueteur’s used to construct the marquetry work.   Through a chance meeting I am able to reveal a new and exciting scientific method of discovering the actual dyestuffs used to add colour to his marquetry designs. Two pieces are shown where marquetry reproductions reveal the actual colours that would have been present when the furniture arrived at the customers premises. One such piece is seen here showing one of the four door panels belonging to the famous Harewood Library Writing Table,  which I constructed in 2004. The other reproduction now in its final stage of completion is a replica Chippendale pier table.  In addition to these reproductions, further pieces are digitally enhanced, using Photoshop to recolour the original marquetry work. These coloured digital replica’s are based on the scientific method of identification mentioned above.

Evidence of the main marquetry tool – the treadle fret saw reveals how it was possible to provide such sublime accuracy in cutting the classic motifs. My own cutting style has been transformed with this discovery. Every marqueteur worth their salt will want to add this saw to his/her workshop.

I have still much to do to complete the work, but I’m conscious of time (you have to be at my age – now approaching 80 !)

I hope I am given the grace to finish my work.