Audrey Rawson 1925-2018








My dear friend and fellow Marqueteur Audrey Rawson now in the twilight of her life, still recalls her active years producing marquetry pictures which proudly adorn her home. She was an active member of the Leeds Marquetry Group for many years and most of that time an active committee member. Her long term memory happily recalls her greatest achievements and the gallery of work adorning one wall of her home speaks volumes for her artistry and skill.

Her pride and joy of all the pictures seen here is the Pony and Trap which she proudly tells me “the horse was cut from one piece of veneer”. There’s great movement and style in this work and I’m not surprised Audrey speaks volumes about it. Like all craft work, it’s the making that matters and which ultimately gives joy. I hope you enjoy these images and see what craft work means to all those who perform it, especially when life marches on and like my dear friend is unable to reproduce her earlier achievements. Thank you Audrey for allowing this peak preview of your work, which clearly illustrate many earlier happy and productive days.

These two delightful works show great artistry in Audrey’s design skills. The horse and trap showing supreme movement and grace, while the stoat stands proud, framed by a garland of artistic foliage.  Audrey recalls being congratulated by the late Andrew Smith for this artistic creation. Andrew Smith was the leading marqueteur of the Leeds Marquetry Group during the 1990s, and in Audrey’s eyes a complement from him meant a great deal.

It gives me great pleasure to show off her pride and joy. Treasured achievements that stir fond memories of days gone by.

Audrey celebrates her 90th year on the 23rd October 2015. Her distant niece in Australia, and close friends here in her home city, wish her a    Very Happy Birthday, and hearty congratulation on this milestone, from Maxine, Donald, Abigail, Amelia & Jacob, Lorraine, Jack – gardener,  Angela – hairdresser, plus all your loving neighbours and daily carers, and not forgetting – yours truly.

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Sadly I have to announce the death of Audrey on the 22nd January 2018. She was 92 and had spent the last few years of her life in a residential home situated in Armley, Leeds which happened to be the area where she was born. Audrey suffered Dementia in her closing years, yet the memories of her family and friends remained close to her to the end.

R.I.P. dear friend