Jack’s Silver award

For the 2016/7 Silver course, Jack has chosen to make a picture. This is in contrast to the table mat he constructed last year, for his successful bronze award.  As the project grows, photos will be added, so keep posted as the course develops.

Jack’s picture is the Chicago skyline, where is mum originates from, and where they visit each year to see the family.


Chicago skyline




Skyline on tracing paper, used to locate the skyscrapers after construction. Jack adds blacked out windows (above) to show unoccupied rooms.


More skyscrapers added. Jack using natural wood figuring on this central building

Photo taken February 2017



Picture ready for gluing and pressing. Well executed work Jack, your Mum will be proud of your interpretation of her home town Chicago.



Border and stringers attached


Perfect mitres



Sanding substrate ready for gluing the picture


Picture and borders glued to substrate – now the big clean-up


Chicago skyline
8th September 2017 – Jack changing the water front effects, which because ‘reversible’ hide glue was used to bond the picture to the substrate, removal of the veneers became an easy option. Gone are the days of PVA – thank goodness.


Jack’s silver award complete and looking very impressive. His parents can identify the building by name across the Chicago skyline. It now holds pride of place in their home. Well done Jack and I look forward to next year and your ‘Gold’ award.  
Jack is a year younger than Alex, so can include all three stages of the DoE award scheme.